Too often, we set aside having fun in favor of other obligations like work, family events and household chores. Many people think that taking time for themselves is non-essential, time-consuming and selfish, but this could not be further from the truth. In fact, taking time out to kick back and have a little fun can do wonders for your productivity and energy levels when it comes to attending to the things that really matter. It’s crucial to recognize that without taking time out for your own personal relaxation and well-being, your family, friends and career won’t get the full care and attention that they deserve. By blowing off steam and reducing stress (often!), you open yourself up to be a better, more level-headed person in nearly every other facet of your life. Here are some ways to sneak more fun into your life so you can be the best possible version of yourself.


Find a new-to-you fun way to exercise. Breaking a sweat destroys stress and can be an extremely fulfilling hobby–and no, it doesn’t have to involve slogging away on a treadmill. There are tons of exercise options out there that are so much fun that they don’t feel like work at all; from Zumba classes, to hula hoop lessons, to themed obstacle course races. Scope out an option that sounds good and grab a friend to try it with you!


Bust out the crayons. Adult coloring books are exploding in popularity for a reason: they conjure feelings of nostalgia and help foster an almost zen-like state of relaxation. There’s just something about the repetitive motion and simple, focused task of coloring can be very therapeutic. It might seem silly before you try it, but don’t hesitate to buy a book and a pack of fresh colored pencils to see if it works for you!


Just dance. Never underestimate the power of a high-energy song at full blast. Dancing around your house to your favorite jams with zero inhibitions about how silly you look can be so freeing, and the endorphins will stick with you for a happier rest of your day. Turn on the tunes and work it!


Volunteer for a cause. Working toward a cause you care about can be a fulfilling and enjoyable way to focus your energy. Try walking dogs at your local shelter, helping out at a soup kitchen or becoming a mentor or tutor for children in need.


Cut out screen time. We spend far too many hours in front of screens–whether it’s a TV, computer, smartphone or tablet. And, spending time on screens tends to make us unhappy since we’re often looking at other people’s highlight reels on social media and comparing them to our everyday lives. As often as possible, forego screen time in favor of getting out there and going on the adventures that you keep reading about! Find a new form of real, live entertainment that pulls you away from the screen, particularly something that makes you an active participant. Join a theater troupe, go on a day trip to somewhere new, or take up learning a language.


Make the ordinary special. Finding subtle ways to spice up your everyday routine can add some much-needed novelty to your life that can help wake up your creativity and happiness. For example, instead of eating lunch at your desk, go outside and take a mini-getaway during the workday; give yourself a manicure with a fresh new color; get your dog a new toy and spend time with them playing with it at a new park.


Take a time out for the people who matter. When was the last time you went on a date with your spouse, or caught up with your best friend? Find one day per month (at least) to clear the calendar so you can spend a day or an evening with the person or people you care about most–and make a pact to keep phones and other devices off! We often underestimate how much a single, uninterrupted and undistracted conversation with the people we love can fill our hearts and minds with happiness.


Create a consistent “me time” ritual. Sometimes, fun won’t happen unless we plan for it, so create a ritual–involving any of the mentioned activities, or something else–that allows you to incorporate “me time” into your daily or weekly life. For example, make a point to get up just a bit earlier in the morning one day per week to indulge in a favorite book while eating a quiet breakfast. Let your family know that you’re doing this so that you’re sure to be undisturbed. They’ll thank you later when they see how much it positively affects your mood!


It’s time to take some time for you! Use any (or all) of these ideas to get you started on your personal mission to a more fun and fulfilling life.


And if you need some help on how to live a more healthy and fun life, contact me and we will get you on track to meeting all of your health goals.