The perfect house: Organized, clean and just barely lived in enough to look realistic. It’s what we are all aiming for, right?

But what if I told you that you don’t live in a Pottery Barn catalog?

The homes we see on television, in magazines and in advertisements, all have one thing in common: No one lives there. No one has to fight the sisyphean chore of trying to keep toys put away. Nobody has to leave things out in order to remember to do it. Nobody has to herd all of the glasses and sippy cups back into the kitchen. Our homes..just like our lives, are messy. So, stop trying to fight it and embrace the messy.

Stop comparing yourself to those pictures you see all the time. You know the ones I’m talking about. The perfectly polished mom with the white couch, fluffy pillows and pristine floors. That isn’t reality. We all know that we are all just trying our best to wear our unstained yoga pants and keep sticky fingers off the furniture. Our houses can get messy. Our lives can get messy. And that is just fine. This isn’t something you need to fix. You don’t have to worry about people judging you. We all struggle with the same thing. You’re perfect in your imperfections and you don’t need to exhaust yourself fighting them all of the time.

So quit worrying about the shoes left scattered in the front hall or the pillows that aren’t fluffed perfectly (maybe that’s just me). Take a well-deserved break. Find a moment to lean back and look around: it will change your perspective. The mess that is stressing you out is actually memories made solid. The toys scattered about are memories of your children’s laughter. The scattered papers are proof every day that of the hard work and effort you put into keeping everything running smoothly.

The mess isn’t your enemy and it shouldn’t be. Life isn’t meant to be perfect and neither are you. Take care of yourself and worry less about taking care of the coffee table.

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